Sản phẩm khoa học Liên hệ

Research themes

C500-NTSF is concerned with non-traditional security threats and efforts worldwide to address these threats particularly economic security threats such as ones to monetary and financial security, energy security, food security, environmental security, water security, climate change, corruption and economic transnational organized crime. Other non-traditional security threats such as ones to cyber security, information security, high-tech crimes, social conflicts, terrorism and other forms of transnational organized crimes.

For each non-traditional security threat, the specific themes to be researched and discussed include the threats’ developments, characteristics, causes, consequences to national security. C500-NTSF is also interested in theoretical and practical issues on viewpoints, policies and solutions to deal with non-traditional security threats. Last but not least, C500-NTSF examines roles of the People's Public Security force and the teaching at the People’s Security Academy contributing the successful response to non-traditional security threats.